• Realogistics

    Realogistics is a collaborative logistics execution solution delivered from the Cloud. It is a solution that allows the orchestration of a logistics execution documentation and approval workflow in conjunction with inventory, procurement and distribution processes.

  • Encompass

    Encompass is a solution that enables the collaborative enterprise. It streamlines the sales, sourcing and purchasing processes of the e-commerce channel and ensures its convergence with traditional channels of the enterprise.

  • G2G Portal

    The G2G Portal is the technology that brings directly wine estates, merchants and consumers together. G2G is the platform that delivers the promise of vertical integration of the wine supply chain from grapes to glass from any wine producing region in the world to the Asian markets.

Practice and Innovation Management

Connectrust conceives and delivers coaching and training programmes in any area of the business that is ready for innvovation and change.

Our value proposition is the ability to breakdown complexity into clear and concise steps that users will naturally understand and adopt in order to deliver excellence to their customers.

While Aquarius Logics is involved specifically with technology management, the mission of Connectrust is to deliver big picture solutions to your business issues.

Aquarius Logics

From Concept to the Real Thing

Aquarius Logics is a research venture focused on collaborative solution development from "concept to prototype".

The driving principle is to facilitate customised process adoption by users.

Our emphasis is therefore to address the human side of the innovation challenge by providing a "practice" platform that can validate and measure, step by step, the actual contribution of customised processes to the business.

Wine Supply Chain

From Grapes to Glass

Connectrust Asia provides services from sourcing to importation and distribution in Asia.

The company leverages advanced food and beverage supply chain solutions researched, developed and maintained by Aquarius Logics.

Wine Logistics

From Efficient Warehouse Hubs

Connectrust Asia has the know-how, the capabilities and the ambition to conceive, build and operate distribution warehouses in partnership with local Customs authorities and professional third party logistics providers.Our projects target buyers in Asia and suppliers in every single wine producing country.

Wine Retail

The Café Calva Franchise

Connectrust Asia started Café Calva as a wine retail activity in Singapore in 2004.

Café Calva, a founding member of the French Culinary Association (FCA), participated in all the French Marchés organised by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and was a regular supplier of Carrefour supermarket wine fairs until 2010.

Operational and Logistics Execution: The Backbone of E-commerce

The e-commerce market in ASEAN has grown exponentially with the rise in its netizen population.

According to a recent UBS report, the prospects for expansion are bright as internet users are expected to reach nearly 300 million in 2017, representing a penetration rate of 48% of the ASEAN population, 67% of whom are under 35 years of age.

Technology, however, is not the only key enabler of e-commerce development. Practical and operational issues such as supply chain management and logistics execution are in fact equally important.

These are the areas where Connectrust has elected to compete head-on with traditional models. In other words, a well orchestrated fusion of technology, business know-how and empowerment of a lean and motivated workforce. We believe that the key drivers for success are:

  • A motivated multi-cultural workforce.
  • Great customer service.
  • Win-Win local partnerships.
  • Fully customised processes.