About Us

Our company was incorporated in Singapore in 1988. Connectrust, initially a technology startup, understood the value of going beyond technology to address its own business challenges. We had to be involved at the core of the practice in order to come up with the best business domain solutions.

Today, Connectrust has become a regional business focused on sourcing from the wine producing countries of the northern and southern hemispheres. While the company has been further developing the trading and wine importation activity that it started in 2004, it has also been re-connecting with technology with the launch of Aquarius Logics in 2013. We believe in an integrated wine supply chain from grape to glass enabled by a network of partners and data.

The business plan for Aquarius Logics came about in Thailand, during the spring of 2013. The architecture of the Grapes to Glass (G2G) portal was the result of two months research. The deliverables of this enterprise were later known as the Chiang Mai Project and have been incorporated in the foundation of the G2G platform.

The Founders

Philippe Sambor

Philippe is a shareholder and regional director of the company.

He is directly involved in the sales and operations of the wine business activity, and also drives research and innovation at Aquarius Logics.

Susan Tan

Susan is an investor and shareholder of the company.

She has a vast experience in the construction, financing and delivery of turn-key warehouse building projects for high profile customers in Singapore, Korea and Malaysia.


  • June 2016
  • Aquarius Logics releases the beta version of project Okavango, a multi-lingual foundation to be marketed in countries where software localization is considered a key requirement. Okavango provides the capability to deploy instantly in more than 468 locales (languages, calendars, formats and collation). Translations are managed using the core "wiki like" collaborative features of the platform.

  • June 2014
  • Aquarius Logics has a business plan. After more than ten years, Connectrust invests yet again in a technology startup. Now is the time to start the second growth engine.

  • November 2011
  • Participation of the company as an exhibitor at first edition of the French Marché at Plaza Singapura with re-sounding success. Cafe Calva also participated in the 2012 and 2014 editions of the French Marché organised by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

  • April 2010
  • Second participation of the company as an exhibitor at Food and Hotel Asia in Singapore. Champagne Mandois wins a gold award and is invited by tender to make an offer to Singapore Airlines for business class in-flight pouring. The Cafe Calva brand is now recognized among the leading suppliers of quality champagne, french wine and spirits.

  • July 2012
  • Under the leadership of Chef Julien Bompard, Cafe Calva is invited as a founding member of the French Culinary Association (FCA) whose objective is to jointly promote entrepreneurship and the french culinary lifestyle. The FCA also includes food suppliers such as the French Grocer and five other founding members.

  • November 2007
  • Connectrust participates in the Carrefour wine fairs. Cafe Calva becomes the leading importer and retailer of the finest Alsace wines in Singapore.

  • April 2004
  • The company participates, for the first time, as an exhibitor at Wines and Spirits Asia (FHA) in Singapore. The Cafe Calva name was launched and our first e-commerce platform became operational.

  • December 1999
  • Although the business was incorporated in 1988, the company actually started its operations, late 1999. At that time, Connectrust was a pure technology startup.