The Connectrust Advantage

Connectrust is an "innovation laboratory" where applied research and intellectual property are an integral part of our competitive growth engines.

Our Services

  • Organisational Change Management
  • Training and Coaching Programmes
  • Build-Operate-Transfer Initiatives
  • Airline in-flight Duty Free supply
  • Global Wine and Spirits Sourcing
  • Wine Storage and Distribution

Innovation Management

Connectrust's expertise is in change management.

We help identify the incremental changes that may be needed to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise as a whole. Connectrust is also keen to invest in promising startup companies.

Our domain of expertise is in the management of technology applied to supply chain management and logistics execution. We cover the entire spectrum of express logistics, freight forwarding, transportation, warehousing and customs clearance.

Our consultants are seasoned professionals with a hands-on approach. They are well rounded professionals who think creatively and understand what makes an organisation tick.

Practice and Process Collaboration Platform

Aquarius Logics is a research venture focused on collaborative solution development from "concept to prototype".

Our mission is to facilitate the adoption of customised processes. We emphasize the human side of the innovation challenge by providing a "practice" platform that can validate and measure, step by step, the actual contribution of customised processes to the business.

Wine and Spirits Industry Expertise

Cafe Calva Asia is a wine supply chain management activity owned by Connectrust to source and import wines in Asia.

Connectrust's expertise is in the fourth party logistics management of wine and spirits supply contracts. Connectrust also expands in neighbouring markets under Cafe Calva franchising agreements. Cafe Calva leverages Aquarius Logics know-how to build all the tools needed to deliver a best demonstrated practice in the food and beverage supply chain.