Do you have a pool in your home or perhaps consider having one? Or are you surveying for the best pool cleaning service in Malaysia? 

You’re in the right place as we are here to introduce you to a trusted cleaning agent that will ensure your pool stays clean and well-kept! 

Having a pool in your backyard has a lot of advantages but it also comes with a set of responsibilities as you have to make sure it’s always clean, functions well and safe for your family to use.

Therefore, continue reading this article to learn more on the importance of cleaning your pool regularly, how often you should clean it and the ways to do it.


  1. It Provides a Safer Environment

Treating your pool regularly does not just offer a clear and clean look but it is also essential for your health.

The reason for that, dirty water can lead to serious health repercussions like swimmer’s itch, a skin irritation caused by parasites in untreated water.

Bacteria build-up could also contaminate the water and cause eye, ear, and throat infections as well as diarrhea, stomach cramps and vomiting if the water is swallowed. 

  1. It Saves You Money

In addition, cleaning your pool on a weekly basis can save you a lot of money in the long run as well-maintained pools have fewer problems and require fewer repairs. 

That’s because when being well-maintained, pools have a much longer lifespan. For instance, pools with vinyl liners that are well looked after should last more than 20 years.

There is also far less chance of something going wrong with your pool with regular debris removal, water and filter treatment.

  1. It Keeps Your Outdoor Living Space Functional

Keeping your pool in good working order is not just important to improve aesthetic and sanitary maintenance, it is also necessary to ensure your outdoor space as a whole is able to function better.

Having a well-kept pool will allow you to enjoy your family time in the pool and relax, which leads to the enjoyment of all your outdoor activities. 

After all, clean water is a must whether you plan to have a swimming party followed by a barbecue with friends or simply relax poolside with a coffee after a dip.


To have a clean, well-functioning pool, make sure you include these steps into your pool maintenance schedule.

  1. By using a pool net, carefully skim debris off the top of the water. You might need to do this every day depending on the weather and the proximity of your pool to trees.
  2. Clean your pool’s floor and walls thoroughly every week. You can use a pool brush and a vacuum or a robotic pool cleaner for an easier alternative.
  3. Clean out the skimmer and pump baskets before making sure the filter is working well. A clogged filter will need to be cleaned.
  4. Test and adjust as necessary the chlorine, alkalinity, and pH levels of the pool water. Once they’re all balanced, you’ll need to shock your pool and add an algaecide.

However, if you have a busy schedule or don’t have the time to keep up with regular pool maintenance, the best decision is to hire a professional to take care of it for you.


pool cleaning service

Worry less about finding the perfect company to fulfil your pool cleaning needs as Aresix Sdn. Bhd is ready to help!

Founded in 2018, Aresix Sdn. Bhd. is a leading professional cleaning service agency in Malaysia that provides cleaning services with high levels of reliability and responsiveness. 

At the most reasonable prices, you can trust Aresix to deliver you the highest standards of quality and cleanliness. 

We have also developed a service delivery model to make your life easier which includes:

  1. Personalised Service: Your needs are our number one priority, tell us your problems and we’ll solve them.
  2. Bond & Communicate: We assist you throughout the contract to understand your needs first-hand.
  3. One Stop Shop: Our services are inclusive of cleaning and hygiene services with consistent quality.
  4. Valued Team: In ensuring that you get the best services from us, we put a lot of effort in selecting the right people.

Some of the cleaning services we provide are residential, commercial, upholstery, pool, floor, renovation, disinfection and kitchen cleaning. 

Furthermore, Aresix carries Liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation coverage to protect you against damaged property or injury while property performing cleaning services.

Contact us now to help clean your pool! 

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