Etiqa has provided travel insurance for more safety.

If youre a seasoned traveller, you may have picked up on some of the ultimate must-haves to keep your belongings safe. Heres our list of basic items to maximise your travel safety.

Sturdy Locks.
You need this for everything. Luggage, carry-ons, backpacks, and laptop bags. Seeing a lock on your bag helps deter pickpockets and makes it harder for anyone to get their hands on your belongings. If youre likely to lose your keys, combination locks work great just dont forget your password!

These backpacks are designed with safety as their main priority. Different brands may provide different features but essentially, an anti-theft backpack conceals the zippers, is made with stronger materials that may be slash-proof and have hidden compartments for money, passports and other small valuables.

Sports or Money Belts.
it may not be the most fashionable and sometimes, it can look like youre carrying suspicious goods. Nevertheless, a quality sports or money belt can be an absolute lifesaver to keep your passport and money safe. A good one is designed to be slim yet durable. Its worn around under your clothes to conceal your belongings and usually fits money and your passport.

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